A passion for simplistic beauty, a knowledge of digital imaging and a bias
toward black and white reflects my photographic philosophy. My creations
often utilize the strong contrasts between light and dark of the Chiaroscuro style.
The perfect photograph, for me, is a black and white image with soft grays,
light whites and bold blacks capturing a wonderful tonal range.
Most of my photographic adventures are seldom planned. I seek interesting
places, look for the unique and then capture the image. It may take several
hours or it may happen in a decisive moment with the click of a shutter.
Lightroom and Photoshop are used to further enhance my images into what
I felt and saw in my mind’s eye when I snapped the shutter. Often, the
exploratory freedom of these programs allows me to build on the original
vision and creatively develop a photograph much different from the original vision.
The ambiguity of abstracts with their multi-layers of interpretation, a
beautiful photograph of nature or the decisive moment discovered in street
photography continue to spark my passion.
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