Seeing an image slowly develop in the foggy, red light of a darkroom triggered my passion for photography. That may sound strange, coming from a traditionalist with a Masters Degree in Accounting from the University of Texas at Austin.
It was magical. It captured my imagination, awakened an unfulfilled creative urge. Satisfying that need to create, lead me to build my own darkroom. Those hours and hours of photographic experimentation in the darkroom lead me to appreciate even more the opportunities for creative exploration that came with the digital cameras and Photoshop.
This passion has lead me to travel around the world taking photographs and attending workshops by some of the greatest photographers of our time: Ansel Adams, George Tice, Ruth Bernhard and others. I was privileged to meet Brett Weston in his home in Carmel where he developed his stunning images. Perhaps my ultimate photographic experience was having dinner with Ansel and Virginia Adams in both their Yosemite and Carmel homes.
The passion has lead to memories: from darkroom to the digital age, accounting to creative expression, from India to Yosemite,  Peru to Irving, TX. Perhaps that is what photography is all about … capturing memories. 
Texas Photographic Society
Texas Professional Photographers Association
2010    Irving Arts Center, solo exhibition, Images of India | Irving Arts Center, Irving Texas 
2011    Irving Arts Center, Members’ Show | Juried Exhibition | Irving Arts Center, Irving, Texas
2012    Irving Arts Center, Members’ Show | Juried Exhibition | Irving Arts Center, Irving, Texas
2013    McKinney Avenue Contemporary, Members’ Show | MAC, Dallas, Texas
2013    New Texas Talent Exhibition | Juried Exhibition | Craighead Green Gallery, Dallas, Texas
2014    Dallas Morning News Amateur Photographer of the Year Contest |Juried Exhibition
2015    Texas Photographic Society 24: The International Competition Exhibition | Dr. David L. Coleman Juror
2015    Texas Photographic Society 28th Annual Members’ Only Show | Keith Carter Juror                  
2015    New Texas Talent Exhibition | Juried Exhibition | Craighead Green Gallery, Dallas, Texas 
2016    Texas Photographic Society | Foto Texas 2016 | Dan Burkholder Juror | Brazos Gallery, Richland College 
             Dallas, Texas | October 21 thru November 11, 2016
2017    Texas Photographic Society 30th Annual Members: Only Show | Malcom Daniel Juror, Curator of
             Photography at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas            
2018    Dallas Camera Club | Annual Awards for 2017-2018 | Guy Reynolds Juror, Photo Editor of the Dallas Morning News
             J.J. Spurlock Award for Creative Portraiture | First Place
             The Marge Dance Award for Contemporary Images | First Place
             The Milton J. Rudick Travel Image Award | First Place
             Dallas Camera Club | Advanced Monochrome Print | First Place
             Dallas Camera Club | Advanced Projected Image | First Place 
2018    Center for Photographic Art Members' Juried Exhibition | Charles Cramer Juror | Carmel, California
2018    Irving Art Association | Photography Competition | November 2018 | Third Place 
2019    Irving Art Association | 64th Annual Members' Juried Exhibition | Irving Arts Center
2019    Irving Arts Center | 19th Annual Art Connection Members' Show | Third Place
2019   Center for Photographic Art 2019 International Juried Exhibition | Paula Tognarelli Juror | Carmel,              California
2019    Photo Place Gallery | Abstraction Exhibition | Kirsten Hoving Juror | Middlebury, Vermont
2019    New York Center for Photographic Art | Water 2020 | Mark Sink Juror | New York
2020   Dallas Camera Club | Annual Awards
             Advanced Projected | High Points Award | First Place
            Masters Projected Monochrome | Third Place
            Image of the Year Color | Second and Third Place
           J.J. Spurlock Award for Creative Portraiture | First and Second Place




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